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Have a rotating clothes rack in your closet! You can bring your clothes to you. Effortlessly, as you move the rack quietly on its steel ball bearing track. There is no electricity. So easy to move that it is perfect for the handicapped and disabled to sit and move the clothes to where they can see them and take them or put them away.

There are two heights and 22 sizes of the RotaBOB rotary closet rack. There is a size to fit any closet including those very narrow depth ones. This is a solution for every closet problem. The corner rack gets rid of dead spaces in corners where closet bays or shelving meet on two separate walls.

No need to choose between beautiful wood bays, and the RotaBOB. Why? Because when those wood bays are built they typically take closet space where clothes hung from poles, and build in a beautiful set of drawers or a dressing table, or mirrors, and the closet hanging space lost is easily replaced by putting a RotaBOB inside one of the closet bays. Why? Because a RotaBOB will hold at least double the clothes a double pole closet will in the same space.

It gives you a great organizer, you can put similar types of clothing in a single arm of the RotaBOB, and place accessories that go with them in a basket beneath on the rack so that it moves to you also. You can organize by dressy clothes with long hanging capability and a basket beneath, or you can go double with short hanging clothes and also have basketry under the clothes on the rack. You can put everything by the sports you play, or the work you do, with all that goes with it in the baskets.

There is a fabulous shoe rack comparable to every size of rack for the clothes hanging. The rotating shoe rack, RotaBOB II, can in its maximum size hold 250 pair of shoes.

About Us

Founded 2005, we have a North American exclusive to sell a proprietary product of a Chinese Manufacturer in Shenzhen,China. The product is sold to 175 franchise stores in China for the last 12 years. It is a ready to assemble, 90%steel, some aluminum, and two plastic caps product. It is a rotary closet rack. It operates without electricity, manually on steel ball bearings moving around an upper and lower track on a series of arms which are clothes hanging racks. It can be seen and understood more fully by viewing our website. The product has no competition in the U.S. based on its experience and the labor market in China it is unlikely with its sturdy metal construction that it will be copied because the cost would be far greater than what we are selling at.

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