Innovative Closet Concepts

America's most innovative closet solution

Core Product

RotaBOB is an efficient closet organizer that can increase storage space in your home and make things easier to find. It is known as a CORE product because if offers:

Capacity to hold more

Organization, so that everything has a place

Reachability, so everything is easy to access

Efficiency, because it needs no electricity to work

It is a fabulous organizer: use for skis and golf clubs as a sports rack; use it for mops and brooms and cleansers as a utility closet; use it for canned goods and baked goods as a pantry organiser; use it for tools as a garage organizer; use it for files as an office organizer. All making use of the various baskets that are affixed to the arms of the RotaBOB.


  1. maximizes hanging capacity for clothes compared to pole closets.
  2. fits into your existing closet systems (see attached schematic drawings).
  3. Requires no electricity or batteries and is easy to assemble.
  4. Makes every square inch of closet accessible, and then some.
  5. It is the greatest closet, garage, and pantry organizer.
  6. RotaBOB has a size to fit every reach in closet.
  7. The Rotary Shoe racks hold up to 200 pair of shoes; and a fantastic organizer for shoes no matter what the capacity needed.
  8. It is the solution for the handicapped, seniors, and children's closets.
  9. These closet products are very affordable.