Innovative Closet Concepts

America's most innovative closet solution


The Rotabob installation is very easily and quickly done with a minimal use of tools. 

To unpack the box the unit comes in takes about 20 minutes, as it is so carefully packed.

The Rotabob is totally stable without fastening to a wall or floor when packed with clothes.

Optionally you can bolt the Rotabob to a wall as it comes with brackets, or screw it to the floor, as it comes with hardware to do that.

The metal Baskets that come with the closet unit and any additional you buy, hold 30 T-Shirts or 45 tank tops. You can use the additional baskets for shorts, sweaters, purses, socks, belts, scarf, and virtually anything.

If you sell your home or move from a rental unit you can take the closet with you or it will become a selling feature to make your money back in the sale of the house.


The manufacturer of Arbob products has been in business manufacturing this product for 7 years. They serve 175 company owned retail stores in China. During the time they have been in business they have had zero (0) warranty returns.

Large walk-in closets: Our closet organizers are great for additional hanging space in the center of the closet. 

Using a large organizing unit would be best.

With sliding closet doors: You can open one side and get everything to come to you, without going from side to side. You obtain much more capacity for hanging.

For walk-in closets: Where you have to walk in and close a door in order to get to clothes behind the door, now with our closet organizer you can just bring them to you.

For the Handicapped: A person in a wheel chair can dress themselves from their chair by an easy pull of handles on the closet rack. The closet units are a great addition to any handicapped modified home.

For Children's' Closets: The wire baskets are great to store toys, books and "kids stuff" along with their clothes.

For Display, Retail Stores, and back room storage: Excellent for commercial use as you can see stock easily and stock on the back side of a unit can be easily brought around the track right to you.