Innovative Closet Concepts

America's most innovative closet solution


RotaBOB, the unique rotary clothes rack is getting rave reviews from end users, and the closet industry is buzzing about this wonderful product. See what the buzz is all about.

RotaBoB has baskets for shoes and accessories. A unit loaded with shoe racks can hold up to 200 pairs of shoes


Mid size and corner unit samples depicted here there are 32 different sizes, and two different heights, see technical specification pages in website pages above. All operate as shown in the video on this website. Prices retail are attached, and can be matched up with the particular unit whose size and configuration are right for your closet.


Shoe racks come in the same sizes as the RotaBoB I, but the configuration of holes for shoe baskets are differently located to allow for better weight balance control with the larger, heavier shoe baskets on the unit. Find out which

particular unit's size and configuration is right for your shoe racks.

RotaBOB III (Portable on wheels)

This unit comes in one size only as shown with wheels and baskets, the finish on this unit is oil rub bronze and antique brass, this finish is only available for this unit, also comes with the shown decorative hangers. Portable RotaBOB on wheels. Great for college students on campus.

RotaBOB I Shoes

RotaBOB II Shoes

RotaBOB Accessory

Cutdown RotaBOB I